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Vacuum Sealer Bags Vacuum Packaging Sous Vide Bags Vacuum Pouches – Deefre 4 mil Thickness BPA Free

DEEFRE Vacuum Sealer Bags
Let food from farm to table!

Benefits you can get

Make things tidy and in order.
You won’t be tired of having a messy fridge where you never know what is where.
Not only save your money, but time and the burden of throwing away wasted food that has spoiled.


• One side of the vacuum sealer bags are embossed(textured), the other side of the bags are smooth, that allows for maximum air extraction
• These vacuum sealer bags are made of superior quality food grade durable plastic, non-toxic, BPA-free, you can cook with confidence.
Vacuum sealer bags are the thickest – 4 mil layer material, making sure that they lock out moisture and air
• Keep food fresh up to 5x longer, sometimes 10x longer, longer than alternative storage methods.
• Can defend against freezer burn (No Oxygen = No freezer burn), keep foods tasting delicious
• It is boilable – You can sous vide your favorite recipes, boil in bag at any temperature
• These vacuum sealer bags are microwave safe and dishwasher safe

Works well for NON-FOOD household items

The vacuum sealer bags not only can be used for storing leftovers, the resale of goods in a commercial or home setting, but also storing precious metals and other jewelry from becoming tarnished, preserving important photographs, keepsakes, documents, medicines, and seasonal garments from outside elements such as moisture, mold, and insects.

The vacuum sealer bags fit all clamp style vacuum sealers:

• FoodSaver
• Weston
• VacMaster
• Cabelas
• Rival
• Seal-a-Meal
• Ziploc
• Tilia
• Black & Decker
• George Foreman
• Nesco
• Others

Deefre vacuum sealer bags are made in China to US standards, you can buy now with total peace of mind. Just click ‘Add To Cart’!

ONE FOR ALL: Vacuum sealer bags can be used with all vacuum packaging machines, FoodSaver, Seal-a-meal, Nesco, Weston etc.
ECONOMIC: 1 pack, total 100 bags. Just a few cents per vacuum sealer bags !
GUARANTEED QUALITY: FDA approved and vacuum sealer bags are BPA FREE. 4 mil thickness, DURABLE.
EXCELLENT VACUUM EFFECTS: Vacuum sealer bags are high transparency,easy to heat seal, good tightness.
KEEPS FOOD FRESH 5 TIMES LONGER : Each vacuum sealer bags has an embossed, cross cut micro-channel pattern that allows for maximum air extraction.

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