ACTOPP Smoking Gun Food Smoker Smoke Infuser


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ACTOPP Smoking Gun Food Smoker Smoke Infuser

【Compact and Convenient】- With our cocktail smoker you can enjoy eating delicious smoked food at home.Just grab it, add a pinch of material such as wood chips, teas, spices, hay and dried flowers. Then light it for a natural smoke infusion. You can enjoy your smoky food or drinks in just seconds. Having your own smoke gun saves you time and money.
【Challenges Your Creativity 】-The smoking gun is the perfect companion to both your creativity and presentation skills in the kitchen or home bar. Infuse your food with classic aromas like hickory or Applewood or with creative flavors like teas, spices or dried flowers Or how about an Applewood smoked Bloody Mary?
【Effecient and Proper Usage 】- Our cold smoke gun is battery operated. You just need to press the button. we recommended to use wood chips as fuel. If you use the seas salts as fuel, the solute of sea salt will be attached to the epoxy resin. Do not mistakenly believe that this is caused by the deformation of epoxy resin.
【Healthy and Updated Smoke Gun】- ACTOPP smoke gun adds an irresistable smoky flavour to almost any food or drink such as meat, fish, vegetables, sauces, cheese, nuts, cocktails and more. As a natural smoke flavor infusion, the epoxy resin used in our smoking gun definitely have reached the food safety grade. To be convincing, the product sold in our store now are used the bolt to fix, insteading of the epoxy resin.
【Cold smoke 5 star Customer Service】The handheld smoker produces cold smoke so can be used with any food or drink, even more delicate foods like cheese which are not melted by the smoke. If you have any problem about our smoking gun, contact us freely bafore you leave review. We are sure that we can find out the best solution of the problem.






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