Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker At Home Immersion Circulator

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Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker At Home Immersion Circulator For Perfectly Cooked Meals, Black

-Temperature Stability : ±0.1℃
-Circulation pump:8LPM Max
-Timer:Max99 hours 59 munites
-Package:sous vide 1PC,instruction 1PC included

Perfect Precision and Time Control (+/-0.1℃)

Precision temperature control means incredible results, every time. Simply set the temperature and press start. Leave food in the pot and go about your day until you’re ready to eat. Your food won’t overcook. Unlike any other method of cooking, food is cooked exactly how you like it from edge-to-edge with no guesswork.

Restaurant Quality Food with Wancle Sous Vide Precision

Perfectly tender dishes once only achievable by chefs in top restaurants can now be replicated at home. with every Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker, you can cook wide variety of food , all types of seafood as well as all types of meat , from chicken to duck to fish and so on .

Control Panel Is Easy to Use

Touchscreen control . Large control pannel show tempreture, working time, and power indication. Humanized design prevent control panel from mist .

Ready To Cook Steps:

To use the Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker, you simply attach it to a pot, put your food in a seal-able bag and set the time and temperature. The Precision Cooker Home Immersion Circulator circulates water around the pot while ensuring a consistent temperature throughout.

Changing from °F to °C

The default setting is °F Fahrenheit.Press and hold the””Button for 3 seconds to switch to °C.This setting will be memorized.To change again,press and hold the start “”for 3 seconds when in stanby mode.

CS, GS, CB, REACH , ROHS certification

PERFECT PRECISION AND TIME CONTROL: digital control of temperature(25-90℃)(77°F-194°F) and time ; precise temperature control(+/-0.1℃) allows food to be cooked at the exact doneness you want ;Heats and circulates up to 4 gallons of water.
RESTAURANT QUALITY FOOD: perfectly tender dishes once only achievable by chefs in top restaurants can now be replicated at home.
INTUITIVE DESIGN AND SIMPLE OPERATION: prevent control panel from mist ; looks nice and easy to use with a small wheel to adjust the temperature.
ACHIEVE PERFECT COOKING RESULTS: never overcook an expensive piece of steak again! ; simply put your ingredients in freezer bags or acuum-sealed food bags , drop in water and let the sous vide circulator
EASY TO USE: locking clip with trigger in handle to secure or remove the unit in seconds; touchscreen control.

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