Crenova VS200S Vacuum Sealer Food Save Vacuum Sealing Machine

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Crenova VS200S Vacuum Sealer Food Save Vacuum Sealing Machine

This Crenova VS200S Food Vacuum Sealer is specially designed for household home use.

Less Food Waste & Money Save
With the Crenova Vacuum Sealing System, you can buy in bulk with discount from your local supermarkets or warehouses, then vacuum & seal the food in your desired portions without wasting any food.

Enjoy Your Favorite Food
Keep in-season produce, highly perishable veggies & fruits and infrequently consumed food all in the freezer for months to come. The Crenova Vacuum Sealing System keeps the freshness and the flavor longer, just store your favorite food to enjoy off season.

Why do you need this Vacuum Sealer?
This Crenova VS200S Food Vacuum Sealer keeps food fresh up to 7 times longer than ordinary storage methods:
1. It keeps food away from insects and bacteria.
2. It keeps the flavor of your food.
3. It keeps locking nutrients in food.

Fully Automatic Operation – Only One Button and Job is Done!
How to use it?

1. Place the open end of bag in the vacuum chamber.
Only in the vacuum chamer, it can vacuum, or else the air leaks out.

2. Close and lock lid.
Press the two sides of the lid, until you hear the ” crack ” sound, that means that the machine is locked. If it is not locked, it can’t vacuum well.

3. Press vacuum&seal button – JOB IS DONE !

For Delicate food like cookies,grapes,muffins, please use the “Stop” button.
Or you can just put these food in jars(not included), and use the hose in the package to vacuum them.

Three Upgraded Features – Compared with other Vacuum Sealers

1. Smaller Size:
The size is only 36*15*7cm.
Very small and doesn’t take much space.

2. Comes with the hose to connect with jars. (Jars are not included)
You don’t need to order hose seperately.
(Most Vacuum Sealers don’t contain this hose.)
This VS200S Vacuum Sealer is compatible with external food preservation Canning Jars, Container, Boxes and Canisters.

3. Comes with a Set of Vacuum Bags:
1 x Roll Vacuum Bag
10 x Piece Vacuum Bags
You don’t need to order extra vacuum bags.

Reliable Kitchen Helper: Enjoy delicious and fresh food every day with the help of Crenova VS200 Vacuum Sealer, effectively extend the shelf life to 7 times longer. Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking.

One Button Vacuum & Seal 2017 Smart Home Vacuum sealer, Fully Automatic Operation – just too Easy to Use.

Compared to other Vacuum Sealers? This VS200 is upgraded to One Button fully Automatic Operation, provides Complete Airtight Seal, vacuum and seal crisp and soft food like cookies, muffins. Also It is compatible with jars (not included), and it includes hose to connect with jars.

Stater Kit: Accessories are included Free full-set accessories include: 1 x vacuum sealer roll, 10 x vacuum sealer bags & 1 x accessory hose. Try it immediately as the package arrives!

Four Year Warranty: Quality Assurred Four-year free refund or replacement warranty and lifetime dedicated customer service make your product with confidence.

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