MOOKA Vacuum Sealer 2 IN 1 Vacuum Sealing System

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MOOKA Vacuum Sealer 2 IN 1 Vacuum Sealing System

Powerful Vacuum Sealer: Speedy vacuum sealing and high vacuum pressure. Dry and moist food modes are available.
The adoption of a 110W energy-saving motor provides a home use lifespan of 10 years, thanks to its non-consumable design, non-mechanical brushes and low interference.

Multiple Packing:
Convenient, practical and highly efficient. The vacuum sealer has a max. working width of 30cm, which enables the vacuum sealer to pump two packs or more together at the same time.
The heat-resistant sealing strip can work for 40 times continuously without any damage to your machine.

Built in Rolling Bag Cutter:
You can cut the rolling bag according to your required size and length and the back rolling bag slot prevents the rolling bag from being dropped.

External Pumping Function:
The multi-function food saver sealer can pump a variety of vacuum cans and storage bags.
Red wine can also enjoy vacuum preservation (Vacuum link components are needed)
Mooka Vacuum Sealer Bags ASIN: B076LJYLRX





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