Mifanstech Vacuum Sealer Food Saver

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Mifanstech Vacuum Sealer Food Saver

A must have for modern kitchen! Mifanstech Vacuum Sealer use one touch operation, effectively removes air from the bag, then uses heat to achieve a reliable seal, keep food fresh for longer time compared to traditional storage methods.
Not only save food, but also store valuables like jewelry, antiques, paintings, important documents for long time.

This handy vacuum sealer lets you vacuum, seal and store foods safely for future use
Inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent oxidation of food.
Environmental and avoid unnecessary waste.
Keep fruits and vegetables from freezer burns.
Effectively avoid metamorphism and keep the food fresh for a long time.


Model: LP-11
Power Supply: AV 100V-120V/60Hz
Power: 90W
Dimensions: 37*7*5.2cm
Vacuum Degree: -45Kpa/-60Kpa

Precautions for use

1. Food with moisture like meat, fish, vegetables and so on, please wipe the moisture with a towel or tissues or wrap it with a disposable plastic bag before vacuum.
2. For particle food: Because the small particle can go inside the machine, please put it in plastic bags before vacuum.
3. Vegetables with strong smells,such as:garlic,ginger,onion,please use the seal to keep fresh(this kind of goods will cause the expansion of the gas caused by vacuum failure)
4. Don’t vacuum liquid food (soup, water), this kind of food is only suitable for seal.
5. When put vacuum packed food in the microwave oven for heat, be sure to make an air hole on the bag.
6. When use the machine for a long time, be sure to turn off the machine for cooling before continuing to work.
7. When not in use or idle, Please timely clean water stains and grease and keep the cover open, it is helpful for the life of the seal.

Mifanstech Vacuum Sealer Food Saver

KEEP FOOD NUTRITIOUS AND FRESHLY: Mifanstech Vacuum Sealer removes the air from the food bag to inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms and prevent food oxidation, which can maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional of the food. Avoid food misuse, nutrient loss and to prevent secondary pollution of food, reduces the consumption of freezer well. A must have for Modern Kitchen.

ONE TOUCH OPERATION: Mifanstech Automatic Food Saver come with one button operation, simply plug in and place the end of the bag in the vacuum chamber beneath the air intake, close the lid and then press on both side of the lid and lock the buckles, then press the “Vacuum & Seal” button and the green LED will blink, then the bag will be automatically vacuumed. (When the LED turns to be red, the bag will be automatically sealed, when the LED turns to be green again, the process is completed)

TWO WORKING MODES: Mifanstech Home Vacuum Packing Machines Has two working modes.
Automatic One Touch Vacuum Seal Mode And Manual Seal Mode Suit For Vacuum Packaging And General SEAL Packing, By Mixing And Matching The Two Modes, Even Fluffy Foods Can Be Vacuumed Perfectly. Also Useful For Valuables, Important Documents, Artifacts, Letters Preservation.

SAFE AND QUIET: Mifanstech Vacuum Sealer is with durable easy-clean ABS material and portable design which is perfect for home and outdoors using.
Overheat Protection Function And 3in1 Noise Reduction Technology, No More Noise And Safety Worries.

WHAT YOU CAN GET: 1*Mifanstech Automatic Vacuum Sealer, 1* US Plug, 1* User Manual, 15* Free High Quality Starter Kit Vacuum Bags, 1 Year Warranty and timely friendly customer service

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