Sous Vide Water Oven

Have you tried searching for the best sous vide cooking machines in your web browser and encountered another product called Sous Vide Water Oven?

If you are ready to try something else in the world of sous vide, then water ovens maybe the thing you need.

Hop-On The Next Sous Vide Machine Trend

You may already have heard of sous vide immersion circulators, which are widely popular with professional chefs and home cooks.

Since there are more affordable and user-friendly products widely available in the market, home cooks have jumped onto the sous vide cooking train.

Sous vide cooking has been an excellent alternative for healthy cooking.

Slow cooking vacuum-packed portioned out meat like chicken breast or beef tenderloin with minimal seasoning or oil in a low-temperature water bath produces better results.

Cooking it this way also ensures a more consistently moist and tender product.

You can even optionally quickly sear the meat on a pan just to get that nice brown crust on the outside

What is a Sous Vide Water Oven?

Sous Vide Water ovens are specifically designed and built to be self-containing heaters that are known to be able to maintain your desired specific temperature through astonishingly long periods of time, which can last days.

This is hugely sought after by chefs and home cooks for higher connective tissue parts of the meat like a whole rack of ribs or lamb shoulder,

requiring long and slow cooking methods to tenderize.

SousVide Supreme

One of the most recognized water ovens in the sous vide scene is the SousVide Supreme.

SousVide Supreme’s temperature setting can range from as low as 86 degrees Fahrenheit

( 30 degrees Celsius) to as high as 210 degrees Fahrenheit ( 99 degrees Celsius).

It has a volume capacity of 11 liters.

Reasons To Get The SousVide Supreme

Although it is the first-ever sous vide water oven globally and with more and more new models already out,

it is still highly recommended and positively reviewed to this day.

All In One

When sous vide cooking with immersion circulators, you will have to search through your kitchen to find a stockpot or plastic container deep enough to be able to fully submerge your vacuum-packed product.

You have the other option of purchasing a plastic tub with a lid specifically designed fitted for immersion circulators.

Water ovens omit that altogether. Its stainless steel lid effectively keeps the steam in.

You don’t ever have to worry about too much evaporation happening, especially when you are sous vide cooking something like beef ribs that require long cooking times.

The sous vide supreme also comes with a universal pouch rack that is stainless steel.

It is great when you want to sous vide more individually vacuum-packed portioned meat at a time.

The rack securely holds them up vertically to ensure that they are fully submerged and are cooked evenly.

Reliably Durable and Safe To Use

The SousVide Supreme weighs almost 6kg.

The exterior of the SousVide Supreme is cool to the touch because of its double-layered insulation even after leaving it on for days,

thus making the water oven safe for household use, especially for people who have kids around.

Though it is definitely bulkier and heavier than your typical immersion circulator, it is highly compact and durable.

Produce No Noise

Immersion Circulators are built with motor water pumps to draw in the water to the heating element then is reintroduced back.

It requires constant circulation of water to maintain the specific temperature throughout the water bath, thus producing noise.

The Sous Vide Supreme does not require motorized water pumps to maintain temperatures,

for it is solely reliant on thermal convection currents that the stainless steel bottom grill produces.

Simple and Easy To Use

Some immersion Circulators have Bluetooth, or wireless connection features to control and monitor the sous vide settings.

With the SousVide Supreme, you do not need to download any app or use your smartphone whatsoever.

It has a built-in screen where you can monitor the temperature, buttons to set the timer, and temperature to your desired setting.

The Sous-vide Supreme is also incredibly easy to clean by simply pouring out the used water and wiping it dry with a towel.

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