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The Best Digital Thermometers

Whether you like to bake or simply enjoy a perfectly cooked slab of meat, you’re going to want to add a decent thermometer to your kitchen. After all, there are certain items that need to be cooked just right. You can’t eyeball a cake and just assuming your chicken is done is a great way to give the entire family salmonella. Yep, thermometers are important. There’s a reason that they’ve been around for so long and thanks to modern technology, the current crop of thermometers are better than ever.

While some people certainly enjoy and cling to a traditional analogue thermometer filled with mercury and inconsistent results, most of the world have finally moved on to the wonderful world of digital thermometers. Never again will you be forced to wait around to get your temperature. Nope, get a decent thermometer today and you’ll get instant temperature readouts that are far more accurate than the one your aunt used on the roast and your cousin. A digital thermometer can quickly become one of your best friends in the kitchen. A product to help get you out of tough spots and ensure that your Friday feast turns out perfectly.

The only question is which digital thermometer is the right one to bring into your kitchen? After all, there are so many different versions these days, each designed to specialize in a certain task. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. We’re thermometer experts who are happy to help. Below, you’ll find our list of the finest thermometers on the internet, categorized by style and specialty. Below that you’ll find an even more detailed shopping guide that explores all of the ins and out digital thermometers designed for cooking. In other words, but the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be an expert on digital thermometers and have a handy link to buy the thermometer of your dreams. So what are you waiting for?! Scroll and read away. You’ll have the perfect thermometer in your kitchen in no time!

Best Overall Digital Thermometer — Taylor Precision Products Splash-Proof Dual Temperature Thermometer

While there are many wonderful digital thermometers out there that specialize in almost any temperature task, only one can be depended on to do absolutely everything well. That’s the Taylor Precision Products Splash Proof Dual Temperature Thermometer. This beautiful machine is truly designed to do it all. It even has  dual sensors, allowing the thermometer to simultaneously read internal temperatures via a probe, while also reading the surface temperature via infrared technology. This will allow you to have multiple readouts to compare and contrast to get the most accurate possible temperature reading of anything that you could possibly want to test.

With an infrared range of -62 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be able to check everything from your BBQ to your freezer and guarantee an accurate reading. At the same time, the probe will deliver accurate readings on baked goods, frying meat, and everything in between. In other words, you’ll never need another kitchen thermometer again and to top things off, this beauty is even splash proof to ensure that it can survive just about anything that you want to put it through.


  • Dual thermometer design that offers both interior and exterior temperature readings.
  • Five inch probe offers deep temperature readings
  • Splash resistant and built to last.


  • Display isn’t backlit, so good lighting is necessary to use this thermometer.
  • Quite expensive.

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Best Grilling Digital Thermometer — OXO Good Grips Thermocouple Thermometer

This high-end instant read thermometer is the perfect temperature-taking buddy to keep by your side at the grill. The sleek design keeps the probe hidden (and safe from damage), only to pop out like a pocketknife at the push of a button. This will both aid in the longevity of the digital thermometer and makes for a fun party trick at the family BBQ. The probe can also rotate and hold position within 45 degrees of either side, making it customizable for both left and right handed grill masters and keeping everyone’s knuckles safe from heat during heavy BBQ sessions.

Beyond the design, this beauty offers a near instant response time and can be customized to give readouts in Fahrenheit or Celsius with accuracy readings that can be rounded to the nearest degree or down to the nearest decimal point, depending on your needs.  OXO have created a fast, accurate, and customizable thermometer that is certain to fulfill the needs of anyone who likes to grill. The device is certainly pricey, but with a two-year warranty included (a rare luxury in the world of thermometers) at least you can be sure that this beauty is built to last.


  • Spring loaded probe that stays protected when not in use and can bend to suit right and left handed chefs.
  • Customizable temperature readout.
  • Reading occurs within 2-3 seconds with an accuracy within one degree.
  • Registers temperatures from -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Best Baking Digital Thermometer — Harbor Instant Read Thermometer

If you primarily plan to use your kitchen thermometer for baked goods, then we highly recommend the Harbor Instant Read Thermometer. The days of determining whether cookies or a loaf of bread are finished baking through touch are over. Why depend on that unreliable and subject source, when you could use a thermometer instead and get accurate results instantaneously?

The Harbor Instant Read Thermometer is particularly effective for baking because it has a nice long probe that can get into the center of even the fluffiest and densest loaf of bread with ease. Temperature readouts come almost instantly and with impressive accuracy. Plus, you could even use this thermometer to test yeast or even something like yogurt. It’s surprising how useful a digital thermometer can be in the kitchen and nothing will suit your baking needs better than this little beauty.


  • Nice long probe that is ideal for baked goods.
  • Fast and accurate readings.
  • Registers temperatures from -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Protective probe sheath included


  • Not waterproof.

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Best Wireless Digital Thermometer — Thermopro Remote Wireless Digital Thermometer

Why be a slave to your thermometer? Everything else operates wirelessly these days, so why should you have to jam your arm elbow deep into a BBQ just to get an accurate reading. Instead, why not go for a wireless thermometer like the Thermopro Remote Wireless Digital Thermometer that will give you accurate readouts from up to 300 feet away?!

This remarkable machine allows you to get accurate temperature readings (within 32-572 degrees Fahrenheit) from across the yard. The backlit screen will allow you to use it late at night and you can even register pre-set temperatures so that your thermometer will alert you when your meat is done. That’s a pretty special meat thermometer, now isn’t it? You might even call it the future of thermometers.


  • Incredible 300 foot range.
  • Pre-set temperatures and get alerted when your food hits it.
  • Registers temperatures from 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Backlit display stays visible anywhere.


  • Not waterproof.

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Best Talking Digital Thermometer — Surround Point Instant Read Talking Thermometer

Finally, how about a little novelty? While this digital thermometer from Surround Point is pretty basic in form and function, it does have a unique feature. Rather than craning your neck over a hot cooking surface to read a tiny digital screen, this cute little thermometer will actually tell you your read out. It’s practical and adorable all at once. Even better, despite that advanced technology, it’s also one of the most affordable thermometers on this list.

And don’t think that this machine only offers novelty. It’s also got a foldable probe for easy protection, offers accurate readings (from -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit), and even comes with a bonus cookbook. If you aren’t sure about bringing a digital thermometer into your home and would like to try it out, this cheap yet beautifully designed device would make for a perfect starter thermometer.


  • It speaks!
  • Registers temperatures from -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Backlit display stays visible anywhere.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Quite large.

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Things To Look Out For

Here are some things to consider when choosing which digital thermometer is right for you.

The Style Of Digital Thermometer

While digital cooking thermometers might sound like a bit of niche product, you’d be surprised at just how many different styles of digital thermometer that exist. There wireless thermometers, digital forks, thermometers that are microwave safe, thermometers that read out instantly, thermometers that take a little time to register and oh-so many more. The challenge for any digital thermometer novice will be figuring out which one is right for them. You’ve really got to think about when you will be using your thermometers most often and which times will be the most important. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but with a little forethought and planning, you shouldn’t have any trouble bringing home the exact digital thermometer that is right for you.


While most of the thermometers that we all know and love tend to only have a single probe to determine internal temperature, it is possible to get multi-prob thermometers. These are useful for certain types of meats that might be tricky to read properly, like racks of ribs or a roasted pig.  By inserting multiple probes into multiple areas, it allows for a more accurate overall reading.

Food Safety

The primary reason that you should be purchasing a digital thermometer is to ensure that you are cooking your food properly and always sharing fully cook food with your family. Beyond getting the most accurate and appropriate digital thermometer, there’s not too much that you can do to ensure this while purchasing this product. However, it is worth keeping in mind the specific temperatures that you’ll want to hit. So here’s a list of internal temperatures to keep in mind as a guideline. Beef/Pork/Veal/Lamb (145 degrees, 160 if ground), Poultry (165 degrees), Eggs (160 degrees), and Fish (145 degrees).


Everything seems to be wireless these days. Yes, even thermometers and it’s actually quite useful. This is ideal for any oddly shaped or difficult foods that might otherwise be difficult to poke with a thermometer. Never again will you get a misreading because the thermometer has to lean on the pan or because you can’t reach the right area of your meat. You’ll even be able to accurately measure the temperature in your oven, fridge, cooler, or bbq with one of these beauties. It will fulfill all of your thermometer dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How accurate is a digital thermometer?

Obviously, this depends entirely on the thermometer, but in general all kitchen digital thermometers are accurate within two degrees Fahrenheit. Is it possible to get even more accurate digital thermometers? Sure, but they tend to be designed for labs, are incredibly expensive, and won’t fulfill your cooking needs.

Where should I insert my digital thermometer?

This can very depending on what it is that you’re cooking. However, in general it’s always a good idea to insert your thermometer in the thickest part of the food (around the center) to get the most accurate reading.

Can I leave my digital thermometer in my food while cooks?

Simply put: no. While it may seem convenient to leave your thermometer in your food for the entirety of the cooking process for easy checking, this is the fastest way to ruin your thermometer. Digital thermometers can provide a reading within seconds. So there is very little advantage to doing this. It’s a bad idea, unless you prefer your meat flavoured with melted plastic of course.

What does it mean when my digital thermometer read out is ‘HHH’?

Generally if you see this read out on your digital thermometer, it means that either the power source for your thermometer is dying or the censor is damaged. So, this isn’t exactly a good sign. It means that it’s time to repair or replace your digital thermometer.

Can I use my digital thermometer to take my body temperature?

In theory, it’s possible. However, digital thermometers that are designed specifically for cooking tend to be designed differently than those intended for medical use. So, it won’t necessarily provide the accurate reading that you need and you should really use a separate thermometer for those sorts of readings.

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